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New and fast opportunity for merchants who use NOOM to make their business virtual and to get closer to their customers. Cloudics app offers customers convenient and fast pre-ordering of products and mobile cash register functionality.


Cloudics commerce solution is primarily intended for companies using NOOM business software who want to sell their products with little effort via the e-environment.


Join with Cloudics

Mark the goods in NOOM

Fulfill customers’ orders


The biggest advantage of Cloudics over other solutions is that you can get up and running right away.

Integration with NOOM business software

Display product information in the application directly from NOOM

Real-time information of orders in accounting and inventory

NOOM reports also reflect transactions made through the application

Customer cards and benefits one to one from NOOM

Money receives directly to the merchant’s account

No integrations are neeeded with third parties (e.g payment environments)

The automatic linking of payments in NOOM keeps the financial situation in order

The mobile payment replaces both the regular cash register and the self-service cash register

Reduced hardware costs (cash registers), equipment does not require maintenance

Cloudics and NOOM both have the same user support


Mobile checkout is the next step from self-service register. Application allows customers in store to scan products in shopping cart with their mobile phones and pay for the products with payment card that has been added to the application.


Application allows for customers to pre-order products from all the merchants that have joined with Cloudics. In addition, customers do not have to wait in line in store to complete the purchase.


Install Cloudics application

Fill a shopping cart & pay

Enjoy the products


Cloudics gives customers an opportunity to make purchases independently from home or store.

Mobile wallet for managing and using payment and customer cards

Application of customer discounts and campaigns to goods and prices

Track purchase and order history, including history of documents required for warranty

Pre-ordering goods from different merchants from one application using a pre-ordering solution

In-app notifications for different order statuses

Self-service and contactless purchase of products in the store using a mobile checkout


If you are a merchant and you would like to join with Cloudics commerce solution then leave us your information or contact us.