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We offer for rent a modern complete cash register system solution developed for small businesses. It is a high-quality cash register set with all the necessary hardware and software to start selling immediately.


Monitoring the work of different branches

Inventory planning

Overview of sales transactions

Discount campaigns

Different customer and discount cards

Thorough reporting


Complete solution

With the cash register system, you get business software for the whole company. If necessary, the software can be expanded by renting a new module, such as financial accounting or self-service modules.

High quality

Astro Baltics is one of the oldest providers of cash register solutions in Estonia. We offer our customers high-quality and business-compliant complete cash register solutions that are suitable for both year-round and seasonal use.

Guaranteed reliability

With a cash register solution consisting of the latest hardware and capable software, we can ensure efficient and smooth operation and better customer service in every situation.

Cheap rental price

The rental price of the cash register system based on the standard solution is only 99 € per month and you will start paying from the second month of use. During this time you can get acquainted with the system and get used to it.


The Italian restaurant La Dolce Vita has become synonymous with “good pizza” among Tartu residents. The success of the restaurant is also reflected in the fact that it has been included in the list of the 50th best restaurants in Estonia for three consecutive years. Astro Baltics’ touch screen cash register solution helps to sell the best pizzas in the city.

Catering Businesses

River Island is a globally represented clothing brand from England. In Estonia, River Island products can be found in both Viru Keskus and Ülemiste Keskus representative stores. Both stores use the Astro Baltics cash register system solution and the NOOM Sales software package, which, in addition to cash sales, allows you to manage warehouses, goods, documents, discount campaigns and gift cards.

Retail Stores

With a history of almost 100 years, the Estonian Health Care Museum Foundation has significantly increased its IT capabilities in recent years by introducing the NOOM Sales software package developed for museums. In addition to the software, modern cash register systems are used, which are integrated with the specially developed NOOM business software.



1 The basic package includes


  • Compact touch screen – cash register (Windows 10 operating system)
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Cash register printer and drawer
  • UPS as uninterruptible power supply

Software and license

  • Cash register software with NOOM retail and stock accounting and NOOM PA-DSS communication interface for compatibility with the payment terminal
  • Workplace license with two users
  • User support M-F 09.00 – 17.00
  • Thorough instructions and personal (online) training at an agreed time

2 Additional options

    3 Send request

    The price 99€ + VAT The price does not include VAT.



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