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Retail is a NOOM module specially developed for retail companies, with which you can manage the entire store if necessary. With the module you can organize POS sales, manage various exchanges and prepare detailed reports.

As a caterer, you can conveniently associate sales with a specific table, and at the end of the exchange, the software notifies you when a table is unfinished. When installing the POS software, we take into account the specifics of your company, creating the necessary shortcut buttons for either the tables or the food. You can use various customer and discount cards, incl. ID card.

You can get an easy overview of POS sales by compiling a report. For example, you can create a report by period, sales department, checkout, exchange, and users. The exchange report also includes a checkout document, which lists the various forms of payment, their quantities and also the amount. With the help of the checkout document, it is easy to count cash at the cash register so that it can be easily checked later.

By integrating retail with other NOOM business software modules, you can successfully manage the entire work of your trading company. For example, you can monitor the work of different branches, plan inventory, perform accounting, send special offers to customers, organize discount campaigns and do thorough reporting.


  • POS software with NOOM retail and stock accounting modules and NOOM PA-DSS communication interface for compatibility with the payment terminal
  • Workplace license with two users
  • User support M-F 09.00 – 17.00
  • Thorough instructions and personal (online) training at an agreed time


Astro Baltics offers a wide range of different cash registers. We supply cash registers to most Estonian pharmacies and gas stations, as well as to many retail companies. Long-term experience with cash register systems allows us to offer durable and high-quality equipment and perform professional maintenance.

The POS hardware set includes:

  • Compact touch screen – cash register (with Windows 10 operating system)
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Cash register printer and drawer
  • UPS as uninterruptible power supply


The compact cash register is distinguished from conventional cash register solutions by its hardware integration, connecting a touch screen and a powerful cash register computer. Depending on the manufacturer, the compact cash register may also include, for example, a receipt printer and a barcode reader. The integration here ensures a more ergonomic and compact solution than usual, where great emphasis has been placed on the design of the product. We offer high-quality Elo, HP and Colormetrics products.


NOOM® POS solution has been developed for fuel stations for 21 years. Long experience ensures a lot of functionalities, for example the following activities are supported:

  • scan products;
  • register a customer card;
  • get discounts;
  • control fuel pumps and tanks at checkout
  • generate reports
  • accept various payment instruments, cash, bank and customer cards (incl. ID card)
  • simple interface for selling goods / services and warehouse management


As retailers want to make their service processes more efficient, a large number of companies have found a solution in self-service POS that help ensure fast, convenient and cost-effective customer service.

Unfortunately, the high demand for self-service POS systems has brought many solutions to the market, the speed and quality of which do not meet the permitted conditions and customer expectations. Due to this, Astro Baltics has created a self-service POS solution, the main advantages of which are reliability, speed and convenience.

When creating the self-service POS, a large number of cash registers used in Estonia were tested, which gave a clear overview of the shortcomings of the solutions used in the market. Aware of all the possible errors that may occur when using self-service checkouts, Astro Baltics has created a fast, convenient and easy-to-use solution for customers. The visually beautiful user interface, its ergonomics and modern design were also important for us.