These terminals are used for a variety of 24/7 self-service sales activities. The terminal can either be a standalone or wall integrated but it can also be fitted as a module inside a device, such as a fuel dispenser. 

For functionality you have a multitude of different payment and communication options to choose from. Here are some examples: bank card payment module (Chip & Pin), cash payments, receipt printer, RFID reader, NFC, barcode reader, etc.

Payment terminals built by Astro Baltics are highly durable, made to withstand both harsh winters and wet autumns.


Self-service payment terminals are used mostly by service sector businesses, which want to offer their customers a 24h sales service. You can find such terminals in petrol stations, hotels, cinemas, parking lots, parcel services, etc.



  • Touchscreen 7” + mechanical buttons on sides
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Multiple Cash Currencies
  • Voice Guidance & Multimedia Capabilities
  • Integrated With Fuel Pumps
  • Coupons & QR-Code
  • Fuel Price Display
  • Integrated with Fuel Management Systems
  • Durable & Top Rated Security
  • Dynamic Self-Service Software
  • Tested in Northern Climates


Astro Baltics offers its clients full self-service solutions, comprised of both hardware and software. All our hardware and software is developed in-house, letting us rigorously test the effectiveness of each item. This way we can guarantee that you get the maximum out of each purchase.

All our machines are fitted with software called NOOM®. It is an innovative piece of software, developed by Astro Baltics, which lets you easily manage everything from self-service stations to enterprise resource planning (ERP). It is built on SQL database platform, letting you integrate all your different appliances with a single software platform. This way you can easily control and automate your entire work process.

NOOM® uses modular software and is built as a development environment, making it very easily customisable to all situations. It can be easily adjusted to run in any Astro Baltics’ hardware, from information kiosks and outdoor payment terminals to self-service hotels.




The NOOM® POS has been developed for 21 years to support all the functions necessary to run a modern petrol station. It supports such functionalities as:

  • Controlling the pumps using a touchscreen and Astro Baltics forecourt device controller
  • Controlling the amount of fuel left in the tank and generate reports
  • Supporting different payment methods, such as cash, debi t and credit cards and loyalty cards
  • Easy and intuitive interface for selling goods and stock management


The purpose of the FDC is controlling and managing the petrol station equipment. With a lot of connection possibilities it is the modern heart of the Astro Baltics’ petrol station solution. Here is a list of what you can effectively control with our FDC:

  • Pumps: Such known brands are supported as Tokheim, Wayne Dresser, ADAST, Gilbarco, etc.
  • Payment stations: You can use the FDC to connect the self-service payment stations to the POS system. It is possible to use them either separately or even together.
  • Fuel leveling system: Using FDC and special software you can set up alarms or receive a report to notify when the fuel level drops below a certain point.
  • LED price displays: Using NOOM® you can easily change the prices on the LED price boards from distance.
  • Car wash: NOOM® will monitor and control the car wash system through the FDC.


Astro Baltics Self-Service POS Solutions in car washes start with a simple card payment terminal where the physical, virtual or mobile client card is registered. After the client has been identified they can continue on with card payment. In addtion to dispensing paper notes we have integrated coin and token dispensers. Next key point is the washing machinery that had to get fully automated and integrated with all the previous steps of process.

Thanks to the number of successful car washes and the lack of software or hardware malfunctioning Jazz Car Washes is able to service more than 4000 cars a day! The feedback from customers has been very positive, stating that our self-service solution helps save time and makes the process itself an interesting experience. Since staisfied customers are our priority we are looking forward to paticipate in further innovative projects!


Cloudics combines an entire software and hardware solution for fueling stations that can be operated from the cloud-based web manager and also an application for mobile payments that gives users an overview of their refueling process and previous fuelings. With Cloudics you can keep the station functioning 24/7, reduce the costs on deployment, implementation and maintenance while giving a better overview of your equipment.


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