Astro Baltics is a Northern European company which has been operating since 1998. It has helped thousands of companies grow by providing comprehensive and flexible IT solutions. Our portfolio includes Cloudics management and payment solution and NOOM business software.

What is Cloudics?

Cloudics is an innovative new management and payment solution for filling stations which can be used via a cloud-based control unit. Cloudics is a partner solution for modern merchants which allows them to get closer to customers, and also a mobile wallet for end users to pre-order and pay for purchases. Familiarise yourself with the solutions offered by Cloudics.

What is Noom?

NOOM is a comprehensive, locally developed domestic business software solution for managing, planning and analysing resources which is suitable for companies of all sizes. Its modular design ensures software flexibility, a wide range of standard functionalities and high capabilities for special solutions. Check out the software solutions of NOOM.


Astro Baltics has created solutions that can be fully adapted to your company’s business logic. The software is designed for any company, from start-ups to large corporations. Read about our areas of activity.


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  • Cloudics mobile payment solution’s benefits for a company
    Cloudics mobile payment solution is a smart way to reach company’s technology aware customers and to offer them extra options and convenience. Here are 4 important points of how a company can benefit from the solution.
  • Estonian forecourt tech company shakes the future of fuel stations
    The Estonian ambitious IT sector dares to create innovative e-services that change and help the world during COVID-19 crisis. Astro Baltics saw the opportunity to make revolution in fuel retail sector by offering a safe payment and management system for fuel stations.
  • Is it still safe to refuel?
    Governments are making new restrictions to keep people to stay at home, but vital services will still be running and closing fuel service stations is not a solution! To avoid lockdown we need to learn how to live with the pandemic and adapt new safe solutions in every aspect of life.