Production management (MRP)

NOOM production management software helps you successfully manage all of your company’s manufacturing processes. All integrated into one set of software: preparation of sales offers, delivery of materials, production processes and planning, sale of finished products, calculation of cost price and financial accounting.

Users of our MRP software enjoy a real-time overview of orders in progress, deadlines, materials, expenses and resources, all of which help to analyse the efficiency of a company and increase its profitability.

Production planning

Planning of production by day, week and month.


Short-term production planning by day, week and month.

Long-term production planning on the basis of conclusions drawn from the results of previous periods.


NOOM displays the expected completion term of an order to the user at the time of creating the customer order.


NOOM enables the calculation of the required material cost and equipment and personnel costs based on the parameters entered by the user.


You can conveniently retrieve queries for analysis from a single system.

Information about offers, customer orders and production orders, labour cost, material cost and resource cost. In the course of the analysis, the necessary connections can be established on the basis of key data.


All documents entered in the production management software are interconnected. This means that at any stage of a document – offer, client order, need for purchase, manufacturing order, manufacturing instrument or delivery note/invoice – it is possible to access other documents related to the document with just a few clicks.

The conditions of related documents change according to the conditions of other documents. As such, the manufacturing department constantly receives information about the supply of raw materials, while the sales department receives information about when their orders are likely to be completed.

  • Traceability
  • Real-time document status
  • Order-based needs for materials
  • Order summary
  • Cost estimate
  • Batches of materials and finished products


In order for the production management software to function and in order to accurately plan movements in warehouses, you must add manufacturing ‘recipes’ and other vital parameters in NOOM before commencing production.

You can add the material expenses along with the material loss percentage and the required equipment and the staff resources required for the recipes. NOOM automatically calculates manufacturing unit prices in the recipe view according to the input data. When manufacturing on the basis of a recipe, once the customer order is confirmed, you know how long completing the order will take and whether you have all of the required materials in the warehouse to start manufacturing. Recipes are bidirectional, which means that it is possible to assemble the product from source materials on the basis of the recipe or to divide the source materials into smaller products.

  • Multi-level BOM
  • Simple structure
  • Unit conversion
  • Two-way
  • Possibility to exchange materials at the time of sale
  • Net and gross cost of materials


You can add all of the warehouses used by the company to NOOM – raw material warehouses and warehouses for half-finished products and finished products in different locations. The number of warehouses is not limited. You can also manage materials in NOOM based on the supplier code. All actions related to orders automatically affect the available stock of materials and products in warehouses.

In creating a manufacturing order, the materials required for manufacturing are booked in the warehouse and supplier-based purchasing needs are automatically created for any missing materials, subject to further administration by the purchasing manager. Users of NOOM have a real-time overview of the stock available in warehouses, of orders and of actions related to warehouses. The software includes substantial capacity for report queries using different characteristics and periods.

  • The number of warehouses is not limited
  • Purchase of material based on the supplier’s code
  • Batch accounting
  • Detailed reporting and analysis
  • Warehouse shelf management
  • Inventory
  • Inventory planning
NOOM can also be conveniently connected to access systems


In addition to the regular functionality, NOOM can also be conveniently connected to access systems.

Interfacing the software with access systems ensures accurate working time accounting. When linking working time accounting to the payroll and staff module of NOOM, all working time data are transferred directly to the payroll system, as a result of which the salary of each employee is calculated.

  • Working time accounting
  • Interfacing
  • Payroll
  • Hardware

Cost price

An important function of NOOM’s production management software is the calculation of the cost price of each product.


Cost pricing

NOOM allows you to conveniently and quickly calculate the cost price for each product.



Cost accounting includes direct material costs, work purchased for the manufacturing of the product (subcontracting), labour costs and production overheads.


Cost price

When preparing product recipes, you can find out the calculated cost price of the product. The finished product is registered in the warehouse at the manufacturing cost price after preparing the manufacturing instruments.



Later, it is possible to analyse the reasons for differences in the calculated cost price of the recipe and the manufacturing cost price.

Sales software

From initial offer all the way through to supplying the finished product – now integrated in one complete software package!

Users of NOOM are able to prepare offers for clients, enter the potential products, amounts and prices and then conveniently submit them via e-mail. It is also possible to inform the person making the offer of the conditions for receiving the customer’s credit. When confirming the offer (entering the order), conditions can be used and manufacturing orders connected to the order can be created.

On the basis of the source data entered, the software calculates an estimated delivery term for the finished products. Thus, NOOM is very convenient in planning sales on the basis of delivery speed, warehouse stock and manufacturing capacity.

  • Offers
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Transaction planning

Customer management

The customer relationship management solution allows you to conveniently manage your entire customer base, including your company’s human resources. All contact details, contracts and agreements, offers, orders and invoices related to clients are fully available using one set of software. Customer relationship management software integrates your company’s sales processes, marketing and customer service.

Various reports can be prepared to analyse customer data and transactions. Each customer can create their own customer card, which displays products and documents related to them, various events, offers, purchase and sales transactions, discounts and payment history.Notifications can be sent to customers by e-mail or SMS.

Thanks to the flexibility of the solution, you can also organise, automate and plan the work of your departments. You can schedule specific tasks, appointments and events for employees.

  • Contract management
  • Project and contact management
  • Customer analysis
  • Reporting
  • Customer notifications


The financial accounting solutions available in NOOM are linked to almost 10 modules, which allow the entire company’s work processes to be managed comprehensively in one set of software.

Financial entries from documents are produced automatically based on the data entered. Transactions are interconnected and can be easily monitored. The module enjoys good connectivity with online solutions used in accounting. SEPA payment exports and imports are fully functional. This allows you to administer bank payments and receipts quickly and easily.

NOOM’s accounting solution allows you to submit queries under different conditions in order to obtain substantial financial reports, account for fixed assets and easily configure the chart of accounts, the balance sheet and the income statement according to the needs of the company. Additionally, sending and receiving e-invoices allows for paper-free accounting.

  • Configurable balance sheet and income statement
  • Configurable chart of accounts
  • Automatic financial entries
  • Paper-free accounting
  • SEPA payments
  • E-invoices
  • Fixed asset accounting

Payroll and staff

NOOM’s payroll and staff management software allows you to conveniently manage the employees of the entire company (full-time and part-time employees and members of the management board and supervisory board) in one place.

By entering the required source data in the payroll and software module – the personal data of employees plus their contract data, including remuneration – the software allows you to prepare working time schedules for employees working on the basis of different types of contract.

The online table of working time allows you to enter working hours regardless of location. The table can be used on different (smart) devices. In addition to manufacturing, you can manage and monitor the working time of employees. Payroll accounting and the required reports are included in one place.

NOOM is able to calculate remuneration for both work done at time rates and piece-work. In addition to the regular functionality, the software can be connected to various access systems in order to facilitate the more accurate calculation of working time.

  • The number of employees is not limited
  • Work at time rates and piece-work
  • Calculation of working time in production
  • Connectivity with access systems
  • Connectivity with EMTA
  • Thorough reporting.

Industry 4.0

This is the application of innovative technologies throughout the supply chain to make more efficient use of industrial resources. It supports the emergence of smart new products and thus innovative business models in industry.



Digitalisation of production means applying modern IT solutions in production to increase revenue or reduce costs.

New sensors, more data and advanced analytics allow companies to innovate processes and achieve smarter production and higher productivity.


Real-time overview

NOOM provides users with a complete overview of processes and conditions in real time thanks to technological feedback-systems at both the automated API level and the user level.



In order to improve the efficiency of manufacturing and identify potential bottlenecks, you are able to monitor the working time spent on completing an order as well as expenses, production losses and the efficiency of employees’ working time.



NOOM allows you to add basic data, i.e. persons who can be linked to work positions, alongside the measuring devices needed to monitor the entire process.

The basic data can also be machine-operating standards or production lines to which work operations can be linked and machines can be integrated beneath the line.

With the help of modern software, the production manager can monitor the entire production cycle.

Thanks to NOOM’s flexibility, it can be successfully integrated with all of your industrial equipment

IT equipment

Thanks to NOOM’s flexibility, it can be successfully integrated with all of your industrial equipment. The software can be interfaced with existing hardware as well as new devices. The result is an all-in-one software solution.

Scanners, scales, tablets, label printers and other industrial equipment from popular brands such as Zebra, Getac and Datalogic.

  • Industrial equipment
  • Hardware
  • IT equipment

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Production management

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