NOOM sales software, developed in Estonia, will help you successfully manage all of your sports club-related processes. All integrated into one set of software.

Effective retail: tickets, merchandise, multiple passes and gift vouchers, both on-site and online. Convenient and flexible customer relationship management (CRM): training plan, which is displayed both on the web and in the on-site info kiosk.

Additionally, an online booking system. Modern self-service solutions make the work processes of a sports club more efficient. The unified access system improves the customer experience and the security of the sports club.


The solution we create for sports clubs is not a separate solution, but a complete part of the financial management software. This means that all information is available in one place and integration with other systems is quick and easy.



All integrated in one place. NOOM software allows you to perform retail and online sales and conveniently manage warehouses, training sessions and an online booking system. Comprehensive reporting provides you with a good overview of all of the work of your sports club.

Convenient access systems are easy to use and interfacing with the online store also ensures a smooth flow of information between the software and the store. Additionally, employee salaries can be accounted for and all of the necessary information is reflected in real time in NOOM accounting software.


Customer help

Thanks to the fact that Astro Baltics offers its customers software, hardware and web solutions as a complete service, our customer support service is always available.

NOOM’s customer support is always here for you: we provide instructions in a quick and convenient way, and in multiple languages. As an additional option, we also offer a 24/7 support service.



Users of NOOM financial management software appreciate the business benefits provided by its flexibility. We utilise an agile development method to develop special solutions according to the customer’s wishes.

We have been developing alongside our customers since 1998. We have wide-ranging experience in various fields and can offer our customers the best solutions.



The fact that we operate here in Estonia offers several advantages: we approach every client personally and offer them a reliable service.

We respond quickly to development needs, know the trends in business environments and make the necessary changes to the software in accordance with legislation.

We guarantee that information about all changes reaches you quickly and conveniently.


The planner is of great help in planning training sessions, managing the training or planning the work of coaches. After entering the training sessions in the NOOM software, you can conveniently manage them in the planner. The solution can be used on computers and smart devices alike. You can add a coach, the number of participants, the top category and the number of places to be sold for every training session in the booking system, set up a waiting list and do much more.

Training sessions can be added to the planner as one-off events (e.g. a one-time trial) or, more commonly, as a recurring event (weekly training sessions). The structure of the planner in NOOM is also the basis for the web view of the schedule.

The booking system can be displayed by day, week or month.

  • Booking system
  • Managing training plan
  • Planner


We adapt the booking system to the needs and nature of your sports club. The booking system and schedule are also visible and editable online. By default, the schedule is visible to all visitors to your site, but optionally the schedule can only be displayed after the user logs in. The schedule displays all training sessions, coaches, rooms and other important information for the client on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Special conditions can be added for registered users. For example, a registered user may obtain more information about training sessions, cancel reservations, join a queue, change their details and much more.

  • Online booking system
  • Schedule of sports club
  • Online booking


Our sports club software solution guarantees you complete customer management. Fast customer service, convenient self-service solutions and reliable access systems ensure customer satisfaction.

Visitors to the sports club can register on site or online. When a customer joins using the web, an encrypted password is generated and sent to their e-mail. When a ticket is bought, it is automatically associated with the person.

It is possible to distinguish between regular customers and customers of different training groups. You can add training holidays, send automatic reminders for when tickets expire or send the best offers out as newsletters.

  • Registration
  • Loyal customers
  • Newsletters


NOOM software provides an effective way to sell passes. A complete set of software and hardware means you can sell goods both locally and online: monthly cards, tickets, recurring tickets, gift vouchers, etc.

The fact that all goods are displayed in the functional goods table of NOOM’s software makes it convenient to manage the sales of tickets and goods. Using the table, you can conveniently monitor all transactions, in addition to, for example, the validity of passes, the balance of usage time and the value of gift vouchers.

  • Recurring passes
  • Gift vouchers
  • Tickets


In order to make the service process of sports clubs faster and more efficient, we have developed various solutions with fast self-service in mind.

The product range of Astro Baltics includes several self-service solutions: self-checkouts, ticketing solutions and various info kiosks.

Self-checkouts help to ensure that sports club customers have a convenient and cost-effective customer service experience. The info kiosk is of great help in sharing information with customers, gathering important feedback and introducing promotional materials.

  • Self-checkout
  • Info kiosk
  • Ticket sales


By integrating your sports club with modern access systems, you increase security and save on labour costs.

Modern access solutions are convenient and easy to install. The system registers all movements in the database and enables the generation of a report of access events later. For example, you can track attendance statistics for your sports club.

In order to offer its customers comprehensive and flexible access systems, Astro Baltics works with the most valued providers of security equipment and systems in Estonia.

  • Access systems
  • Security
  • Reports

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