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The maintenance requirements for Astro Baltics (hereinafter: AB) products are as follows:

1. Equipment maintenance requirements

1.1 Equipment with maintenance need 1x per year:
1.1.1 Special computers
1.1.2 Devices with an AIO processor and monitor
1.1.3 Monitor touch panels
1.1.4 NFC and barcode readers
1.1.5 Cooling and heating fans
1.1.6 Receipt printers
1.1.7 Card readers and PIN PADs
1.1.8 Label readers
1.1.9 Coin and token devices

2. Software database maintenance requirements

2.1 Local databases need maintenance once a year.

2.2 Central databases require maintenance twice a year.

3. Other conditions

3.1. These maintenance requirements apply to the Equipment and Software databases delivered from 31.01.2019.

4. Equipment disposal requirements

4.1. To protect the environment, please follow local laws and regulations when disposing of electronic devices and batteries, accumulators or devices containing them. Do not throw away any products containing electronics, batteries or accumulators at the end of their working life, but hand them in at an official collection point for recycling.