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8. Annual Fuel Market Conference

The eighth annual fuel market conference focused on the near future, so what will happen next, what are the opportunities and what choices do our fuel retailers have? Astro Baltics also gave a presentation at the conference on “Innovation of payment solutions in the fuel market”. This time we put ourselves in the shoes of the owner of the gas station and talked about the challenges caused by payment solutions, how they could be solved and what the future of payment solutions is.

Gallery: https://www.logistikauudised.ee/uudised/2020/09/23/galerii-8-kutuseturu-aastakonverents

Photo: Raul Mee, 8. Kütuseturu Aastakonverents

Astro Baltics is the winner of SEB Bank growth program

Last Friday was the closing event of the SEB Growth Program, where the companies selected for the finals presented their ambitious business ideas.

I am pleased to announce that half a year of effort paid off. In addition to excellent experience and new knowledge, we were able to win the 7th flight of SEB’s growth program!
How to implement your company’s ambitious business idea and find new growth models?

See more at www.seb.ee/kasvuprogramm

Cloudics live Terminal Oil

From now on, you pay for fuel with your mobile at Terminal Oil Raadi and Saverna petrol stations! Which also means that you no longer have to carry any bank cards or cash with you! All you have to do to use the solution is download the Cloudics app from Google Play or App Store, add your bank card and pay for the fuel without leaving the car!

Capsule Hostel Tallinn

The first capsule-hostel in Estonia was opened in Tallinn, it is the only one in the Baltics.

Astro Baltics solutions were used in the project as we are the only company in the Baltics that has developed similar solutions in the past.

Read more: https://tarbija24.postimees.ee/6885619/tallinnas-avati-eesti-esimene-kapsel-hostel

Smart City Expo 2019

For the second time we participated at Smart City Expo 2019 as a part of Estonian national stand.

It was great to meet so many smart city ethusiast who are eager to use smart solutions in the energy and transportation sector.

Our aim was to introduce our future of fuel stations solution – Cloudics. Thank you!