Astro Baltics offers its customers a wide range of high-quality IT equipment according to the field of activity. We have experience in the sale and maintenance of office equipment and industrial equipment dating back to 1998.

Among our product range you will find everything you need: computers, monitors, scanners, tablets, label printers, sensors and other IT equipment for office or production solutions from popular brands such as Zebra, Getac and Datalogic.

Pakume kvaliteetset hooldus- ja monitoorimisteenust kontoriseadmetele ning omame ka pikaajalist kogemust tarkvara liidestamisel tööstusseadmetega.


We offer your company innovative and comprehensive IT infrastructure consisting of office equipment. We guarantee reliability and stability with high-quality equipment and regular maintenance.



Astro Baltics provides your company with up-to-date office equipment. We offer our customers only the highest-quality office equipment from our long-term and well-known partners like Lenovo, HP, DELL, Fujitsu, Cisco and MikroTik. Among our selection you will find office computers, laptops and tablets.

We only install durable office equipment with good technical parameters that meet your needs.



Monitors are indispensable tools in today’s work environment. This also applies to laptop owners. The monitor must be ergonomic and eye-catching.

A common and convenient solution is working with two screens: this can increase the performance of your company by up to a third.

Astro Baltics offers a wide range of monitors from long-term partners such as DELL, HP, Lenovo and Fujitsu to satisfy your wishes.


Astro Baltics has been installing and maintaining server solutions and network equipment since 1998. We offer our customers only high-quality communication equipment and server solutions.

We assemble the server according to the customer’s needs and help with system integration and maintenance.

Other office equipment

In addition to computers, monitors and servers, we also offer other necessary office equipment for the stable and efficient everyday operating of your company.

Printers, scanners, information screens, LAN devices, whiteboards, smartphones and more.


Years of experience with cash register systems allows us to offer durable, high-quality equipment and to perform professional maintenance. NOOM’s POS solutions have seen continuous development since 1998. Our extensive experience gives us the skills and knowledge to create fast, convenient and easy-to-use cash register systems according to the customer’s needs.

We supply cash registers to most Estonian pharmacies and filling stations, as well as to many retail companies.


Astro Baltics offers IT equipment for even the most demanding manufacturing companies in which the equipment is used in a more complex environment than usual. We put IT equipment to work in the best way for your company’s business processes.



Our range includes industrial computers designed for special conditions. This includes equipment that is easy to use in positions where there is constant movement and working conditions are more extreme than usual.

For example dust, precipitation hazards, temperature fluctuations, vibrations or shock hazards.



We offer shock- and environment-resistant tablets. There are also two-in-one solutions which allow you to remove the computer screen from the keyboard and use it as a tablet.

We offer only high-quality Getac equipment designed with the specific nature of the field of industry in mind.



Collect and analyse data on your production processes. All of the sensors you need to digitise and automate your industry.

Installing different sensors in production provides an opportunity to obtain production feedback and a real-time overview of processes and to compile reports.


Printers and scanners

In our product range you will find reliable and cost-effective industrial printers and scanners designed specifically for use in manufacturing companies.

Industrial scanners reproduce sharp and accurate images. Printers designed for the production environment print durable, high-quality stickers and high-quality labels.


Where needed, Astro Baltics offers maintenance services for all IT equipment. We always respond promptly to our customer calls.

  • Maintenance of IT equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Industrial equipment

We maintain and monitor your office and industrial equipment and promptly resolve faults and interruptions to operations. We make sure your IT infrastructure functions smoothly.

To ensure rapid service and stable troubleshooting, we enter into maintenance contracts that guarantee the efficient operation of your office and industrial equipment. We update and maintain your equipment, resolve IT problems and keep your entire IT infrastructure up and running. We check the operation and updates of the operating system, update anti-virus and security software and check the operation of back-up software. If necessary, we can also perform a technical audit.

We offer our contractual customers various additional benefits as well.


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