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Introduction of Astro Baltics

Astro Baltics is an IT company with over 22 years of experience. Our aim is to offer complex IT solutions to help you build a smart and easily administrative company. We are the leading developer of fuelling station software in Estonia with solutions for payments, forecourt device controllers and hardware.

Astro Baltics in numbers

2500 NOOM installations

1000 POS systems with
card payment

300 kiosks and
payment terminals

90% of pharmacies
in Estonia

350 fuelling stations

ISO certification 9001

ISO certification 14001

ISO certification 27001

Our vision is to improve the business processes of all sizes companies and contribute to the growth of your company through various IT solutions. Starting with a start-up company that uses our cash register and develops into a production company.

The history of Astro Baltics

Astro Baltics started their activity with POS systems and software.


Choosing NOOM SQL platform and starting with initial work.


The first NOOM business software installation, new stock, documents, sales, finance & EMV cardmodule was released.


Accommodation module was added to NOOM Business software


Fixed assets, CRM modules: planner, contacts were added to NOOM


Payroll module was added


Personal, economic agreements in NOOM and first NOOM’s in mobile inventory devices. NOOM in Latvia & Lithuania


Fixed assets XL module, started with first self-service solutions, N24, Telema and other EDI integrations, first NOOM webshop


NOOM mobile solutions for sales


Working timetable projects were added


First payment terminal installations in fuelling stations


Creditinfo and e-Business register integrations


New OPT models and information, payment kiosks added to our product range


First self-service interarctive information kiosks, first fully automated hotel in Estonia


PA-DSS solutions integration


Digital menu solutions, integration with Qlik View


ISE Expo in Amsterdam, SADHES integration, first mobile Android system solutions, sales and order solutions, SEPA


New service model for partner customers, pre-booked resources and a personal project manager


Platform free mobile application for warehouse


NOOM 2.0 – new SQL platform, functionalities, integrations and API


E-Invoice, contactless payments, NOOM 2.0


SPAP was added and new OPT solutions


Participating in UNITI expo 2018


ISO certification (9001:2015, 140001:2015, 27001:2013)


Participation in FORECOURTTECH 18, technology expo for fuelling stations, which is concetrated to different digital solutions


SMART CITY EXPO WORLD CONGRESS 2018 collabration in Estonian stand


Introducing our new product Cloudics to the Asian market.


collabration in Estonian stand


Participation in FORECOURTTECH 19, technology expo for fuelling stations, which is concetrated to different digital solutions


Forecourttech 2020
Participating virtually in the networking event and expo for fuel stations from 6-7 October


Ready to start with Cloudics, also outside of Estonia


UNITI Expo 2020
Participating in the biggest trade fair in Europe for petrol stations & car washes from 9-11 February


Vaasa Gas Exchange 2021
Participating in the biggest networking event for the gas industry in the Nordics, 15-18 March


International Fair PETROL STATION 2021
Participating in International Fair PETROL STATION 2021 from 12-14 May, the 27th edition of the largest event organized by the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels.


NOOM business software sales and report solutions in web


NOOM Business software functionalities in web


Our main sectors


Cloudics is a powerful solution for fuel stations that enables to control all the fuel station devices through Cloud-based forecourt controller.

Business Software

We manage and lead your company resources. NOOM in meant for companies resources management, planning and analyzing.

Self-service solutions

We automate your service. Self-service car washes and fuelling stations.

POS solutions

NOOM Sales is specially developed for retail companies.

Information kiosks

We increase your company sales and visibility.

Server and network solutions

Every network solution needs mapping and planning.


Estonians are good internet users

According to Eurostat 2016 88% of Estonian citizens used internet.

Estonians are on the 18th place of 191 countries in the world with their usage.

Estonia and the nordic countries are mainly using internet so much because of good internet connection and low population density.

Significant impacts

  • Reduction of communication services (the monoply was ended sooner in Estonia than Latvia and Lithuania)
  • Fast and widespread distribution of smart devices
  • Legislative changes, for example consumer can retreat 14 days after internet purchases (European Parliament counsel directive 2011/83)

E-commerce is on a rise

Households’ payment habits are largely affected by how their paycheck is earned. According to Estonian Bank data, in 2000, one third of the working age and 76% of pensioners earned their own income, in 2017 the majority (more than 90%) of people received their income in the bank account and 70% of the people said they would pay more with a bank card than in cash.

  • Ecommerce Foundation: 15-year-old and older, with 5.56 billion people in the world – 2.52 billion of them use the internet and 1.44 billion of e-commerce
  • Ecommerce Foundation: In 2015, e-commerce accounted for 7% of all retail sales
  • Estonian Bank: In order to assess the development of e-commerce, the country’s e-commerce relationship with GDP is used, the world average e-commerce ratio in GDP is 3.1%, the largest in the world (7.1%), and the corresponding indicator in Estonia is 5.3 %
  • Estonian Statistical Office: The turnover of postal and internet retail companies has increased by 2.5 times over 5 years
  • Estonian Statistical Office: E-commerce is the largest gainer in the trading sector (in March 2018, the overall increase in sales revenue was 1% in retail trade, 13% in postal and Internet sales).

5 reasons why to use e-solutions

Easy & fast installation

Cheap maintenance

Scaleable (enables you to grow your business) even cross-border

The price and cut on costs

Enables better linking with the customer group

A responsible company

Paperless office and low CO2 vehicles

We take pride in the value and appreciation of our environment. We try to reduce our environmental impacts by reducing waste management, vehicle exhaust emissions and paper consumption.

Human rights

Astro Baltics supports the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and adheres to them in our principles as well as in business practices. Our goal is to work with business partners who follow principles that resemble our principles regarding respect for human rights and ethical behavior in our work.

Promote & sponsor Estonia athletes

We value sports and we are one of the most successful teams of mountain bikes in Estonia. We sponsor the top Estonia’s female biker Janelle Uibokand. Janelle has represented Estonia through the women’s bicycle team for almost five years in professional career, achieving high results on both individual and team trips.

Welfare of employees

We support employees who are actively involved in sports or volunteer work for the community. We provide our team with self-development through training, seminars. We recognize active movement, and we arrange at least quarterly entertaining outdoor activities.