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Astro Baltics offers a complete solution for online store interfacing. The advantage of our solution is full integration with NOOM financial management software.

Interfacing a modern online store with financial management software ensures the immediate flow of information, cost and time savings and improved performance. We are highly flexible and ready to implement the most suitable solution according to the logic of your company.


We integrate your existing online store with NOOM financial management software.

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The online store is interfaced via an API. The interface increases the speed and efficiency of your sales processes and online store management. Thanks to the interface, the need to enter the same data twice is eliminated, i.e. the correct information is available in both the financial management software and the online store at the same time.

We are ready to implement the workflow that is best suited to each specific case of business logic. Additionally, we create self-service environments for business customers.


NOOM’s financial management software includes all of the functionalities that a proper store needs.

Data entry

Data entry takes place once. The interfacing of the financial management software with the online store ensures cost and time savings: all of the information automatically moves to the right place.

When you activate the interface, all articles are used automatically.


The online store interface helps you avoid errors when entering data manually. The solution reduces manual work and the time required for it.

The product codes and descriptions in the online store must be correct. The customer is shown the right products at the right prices, with their availability also indicated.

Information flow

All flow of information between the store and business software is automatic. Information is updated at the intervals you set.

Online store inquiries happen in real time directly from the financial management software.


The automated interface between the financial management software and the online store means increased performance and efficiency.

By interfacing the online store with the financial management software, you can serve significantly more customers and fulfil more orders with a smaller workforce.


Interfacing is very important in the implementation of the financial management software. NOOM financial management software is one of the most flexible software solutions on the market.

  • API
  • Telema
  • EDI
  • Integration
  • Interface
  • Edisoft

NOOM comes with a large number of interfaces with external environments as standard. The overall architecture of the software and NOOM’s API make any external integration not only possible, but quick and easy.

The work of our clients is significantly facilitated by version 3.0 of the electronic document exchange interface of our certified partner Telema. In addition to orders and shipping documents, Telema customers can also use this interface to forward e-invoices. NOOM also has an Edisoft interface that works on a similar principle as the Telema solution.

In addition, the exchange of documents/invoices from NOOM to NOOM between companies using our financial management software functions on the basis of the Telema standard.

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