The version of NOOM software for accounting firms allows accounting to be carried out for several companies at the same time.

Our solution is not just an accounting program, but forms part of a complete business software solution. Firms that use the accounting software value its flexibility, integrity and convenience. The accounting firm version of the NOOM software is designed for accounting firms of all sizes.


The accounting firm version for financial accounting allows accounting to be done for several companies at the same time.


Automated financial entries

Financial entries are created automatically in this version after data entry or confirmation, and on the basis of these data a real-time overview of the company’s activities and their results in monetary terms can be obtained.

All transactions are interconnected and easy to track. You can add salary and fixed asset entries from the respective modules.


Detailed reports included

NOOM accounting firm version includes a number of built-in reports, general ledger and diary, account turnover (balance report), balance sheet and income statement solutions. When accessing reports, it is possible to make a range of queries using meta symbols, as a result of which the data can be analysed on the screen or in a visualised format in a spreadsheet program.

Additionally, adding and editing financial statements is easy and flexible in our financial accounting solution. Data can be exported to Excel for further processing.

Financial system management

The accounting firm version of the software includes convenient and flexible management of a company’s financial system. In order to monitor the company’s units, projects or goals in more detail, it is possible to create three accounting levels for accounts (site, item of expenditure and purpose).

Additionally, the program has accounts that are easy to set up and convenient possibilities for the closing of the financial year.


Quick and convenient

NOOM accounting firm software is known for its flexibility.

The software can be quickly and conveniently connected to all e-solutions used in accounting: the Tax and Customs Board (EMTA), e-invoices, CostPocket, SEPA, the Pension Centre, X-Road and more.

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