Astro Baltics has been installing and maintaining server solutions and network equipment since 1998.

We offer our customers high-quality communication equipment and server solutions provided by our long-term partners, including Lenovo, HP, DELL, Fujitsu, Cisco and MikroTik. Our objective is to provide the customer with a professional and complete solution that is reliable and of the highest quality. We assemble the server according to the customer’s wishes and also help with system integration and maintenance. We offer information technology consultations and maintenance services and can host equipment.

Astro Baltics is one of the few Estonian companies that has ISO 27001 data security certification, which ensures secure data storage.


Server and network solutions for small, medium-sized and large businesses. A company with no desire for a personal server can use the hosting service on the Astro Baltics’ cloud server.



We recommend the small business server solution for companies that do not intend to link highly time-critical processes to the server.

For example, if you plan to keep only a small database or less important files on the server, without which you can continue your daily work, if necessary.

The solution comes at a favourable price due to the lack of devices that duplicate the work of the server.



This solution is suitable for customers who want to keep their company’s activities on their own server.

For example, the server can act as a domain controller, which allows you to access your user profile from different computers connected to the intranet, and with which you can also manage documents centrally. Some hardware components, such as the cache and hard disk, are duplicated on the server. This provides a significant advantage during repairs, as most duplicate components can be replaced without shutting down the server, ensuring that mission-critical processes continue.

As standard, we offer a three-year warranty on servers with an average price level setting, the maximum length of this warranty being five years.



This solution is suitable for businesses whose server must be available to both employees and customers without interruption.

Thanks to its architecture, a business-class server can be expanded indefinitely, making it an ideal solution for those looking to expand in the future. Such flexibility also provides a price advantage, as it is not necessary to immediately assemble a server with maximum capacity: instead, this can be done gradually.

What makes more expensively priced servers special is the fact that the entire work of the server is duplicated. To this end, two or more servers with the same capacity are connected to one another. While in their normal state the servers share work with one another, then in the event of a failure, the work of the server that has gone down is immediately taken over in full.



Astro Baltics also offers its customers the opportunity to host data and databases on a cloud server.

When storing data on our cloud server, the customer does not need their own personal server. This also reduces maintenance costs. All data is in encrypted form, which ensures secure data storage. For effective data exchange, the customer must have a permanent Internet connection.

All hardware on the cloud server is duplicated, and in the event of a failure, the duration of the outage is no more than one minute.

Astro Baltics is one of the few Estonian companies that has ISO 27001 data security certification.


We offer a flexible network solution based on the customer’s wishes. Creating any network solution first requires mapping and planning the situation. It is common that an unplanned local area network has grown and been built up in stages and that the network has not been mapped. The result is a lack of overview and network management becoming costly and time-consuming.

During the mapping process, our specialists review the expected features of your network system in its current state. We create mapping documentation, wherein we always consider system development needs and expansion possibilities that may arise later.

  • Network solutions
  • Mapping
  • Planning


Businesses require server solutions that are cost-effective and scalable (if needed) and ensure high performance. Stability, security and quality are also important. The server solutions offered by Astro Baltics meet all of these requirements.

We customise server and network solutions to your company’s needs, maximising the performance of critical processes at minimal cost. Innovative energy-saving technology helps save on operating costs and reduces your company’s ecological footprint.

  • Servers
  • Communication equipment
  • Server solutions


Astro Baltics offers its customers a range of maintenance services.

  • Maintenance contract
  • Monitoring
  • Warranty

Astro Baltics’ server maintenance contract is the ideal way of ensuring maximum reliability and guaranteeing peace of mind. We offer a contract for the maintenance of both server hardware and software.

We personally prepare the maintenance contract with the needs of your company in mind. To do this, our specialists review your company’s mission-critical points and propose solutions to protect them. You can choose the payment method that suits you: monthly, quarterly or annually.


Astro Baltics offers maintenance services for servers and office and industrial equipment to ensure the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure. To do this, our specialists review your company’s mission-critical points and propose solutions to protect them. In addition, we offer the possibility of performing a technical audit of the entire IT infrastructure.

Network solutions & server



The prerequisite for the maintenance work package is computer network mapping
Wi-Fi, 4G/5G network device software and security settings check
Firewall configuration check and update, VPN tunnels check
Network device setup check, software update



The cost of the package will form after mapping

The prerequisite for the maintenance work package is the mapping of the server and processes
Updating and optimising the server’s operating system, software and services
Disk array test and reviewing the data volume in use, deleting/archiving old data
Auditing and, if necessary, changing the user rights of files and directories

Office computer & cash register



Assessing the primary technical condition of the computer – office workplace
Cooling system check and dust maintenance
General cleaning of the computer inside and out
Operating system maintenance



Includes up to 3.5 hours of work per computer

Analysis of the computer programs’ cooperation problems
Diagnostics and operating system optimisation
Report on the performed works and technical condition
Recommendations for upgrading your computer – spare parts


Includes up to 3.5 hours of work per cash register

Assessing the primary technical condition of the computer – cash register workplace
Cooling system check and dust maintenance
General cleaning of the computer inside and out
Operating system maintenance


Our specialists carry out all of the network construction work necessary for the construction of data communication networks. When building the network, we use professional network components made by well-known manufacturers and suppliers like Cisco, Fujitsu, MikroTik, IBM/Lenovo and AMP.

During the installation of the network, we install and configure the network equipment and, where necessary, also provide the prescribed specialist software.

  • Data communication networks
  • Radio data networks
  • Cable data networks


Astro Baltics offers maintenance services for all of its installed network solutions. We always respond promptly to customer calls.

To ensure fast service and eliminate errors in mission-critical network solutions, we enter into maintenance contracts that ensure the stable operation of network equipment and customer satisfaction. We also offer our contractual customers additional benefits.

  • Maintenance service
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance contract


Astro Baltics offers both monitoring and maintenance services for server software. As part of the monitoring service, our specialists monitor server logs and error messages.

Astro Baltics offers the following maintenance services for server software: inspection of firewall and system log files, server security check, monitoring of server services, monitoring the backing-up process, searching for suspicious activities that threaten the security of the system, set-up work, fine-tuning work, consultations, backing-up.

  • Software maintenance
  • Monitoring service
  • Maintenance services


We also offer maintenance and monitoring services for server hardware, in the case of which we check the operation and condition of disk arrays and server memory. Most modern servers have built-in monitoring software that allows you to remotely monitor the operation of the server hardware.

While monitoring, we observe the hardware operation of the server, the operation of each disk array and memory, the remaining nominal operating hours of the server, the formation of bad clusters etc. As a result of monitoring, we are able to detect potential errors in the server hardware even before they occur, allowing the errors to be easily dealt with during maintenance.

As part of the maintenance service, we proactively replace hardware components that are set to become obsolete.

  • Hardware maintenance
  • Monitoring software
  • Monitoring

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