NOOM’s financial management software can be linked to access systems. Integration enables accurate time-tracking, increases the security of your company, provides a real-time overview of movements, and access rights can be programmed separately for each user.

In order to offer its customers comprehensive and flexible access systems, Astro Baltics works with the most valued providers of security equipment and systems in Estonia.


The functionality of access systems benefits companies of all sizes whose employees or customers move around on the premises. The integration of software and access systems offers a variety of useful functionalities.



Interfacing with the access system allows the user to monitor and manage information on the use of entrances and exits.

Additionally, it is possible to set specific access times. When interfaced with NOOM’s business software, you can view movements and company traffic statistics.

Various solutions can be used as a pass key, such as a ticket, card, token or code.


Working time

The access system can be integrated with NOOM’s working time calculation, from where the information is transferred to the payroll and staff module. This also gives you an overview of employees’ real working time and grants you control over it.

Thanks to the registration of movements, you can also check and report on presence later.



Access systems must be convenient for staff or guests to use, while ensuring security. Access rights can be restricted on a per-user basis, while access to the premises can be adjusted according to the time of day.

The introduction of access systems also improves employee discipline and ensures a sense of security for company managers.



Integrating access systems with your existing workflows saves you both time and money.

When pairing the access system with a self-service solution, the issued code ensures automatic access via the access gate.

Who is it designed for?

Monitor movement according to the needs of your company. Access systems can also be integrated with other solutions: a locking system for lockers and a cash register and reservation system.

  • Access system
  • Manufacturing company
  • Working time planning
  • Integration
  • Entertainment centre
  • Sports centre

For manufacturing companies, quick and convenient working time planning helps save time. You can plan tasks, shifts and workstations. Thanks to the measurement of working time via the access system, discipline is improved throughout the company.

In entertainment and sports centres, the integration of access systems helps to increase the speed of customer service. With a ticket or wristband purchased from a website, on site or at a self-checkout, the customer can access the gates and doors of your centre.

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