The planner and notification solution of NOOM allows you to efficiently manage company’s resources such as staff, premises and vehicles. For example, booking times and jobs in service and maintenance companies.

Our solution can conveniently be used on computers and smart devices. The planner can also be used to plan tasks and shifts. Notifications can be sent to customers by both e-mail and SMS. The solution can be configured according to the specific nature of your company.


With the planner and notification solution, you can conveniently plan your company’s resources.

  • Use of premises
  • Planning
  • Use of machines
  • Tasks
  • Meetings
  • Additional activities

The planner and notification solution provided in NOOM financial management software allows you to manage vehicle use, employee working hours, tasks, appointments and other resources according to the specific nature of your company. For example, booking times and tasks in a service and maintenance company, meeting rooms in the office, use of sports courts and fields, conference rooms, saunas and other rooms whose use requires planning.

Planning can be done by day, week or month. Using our solution, you can conveniently plan and manage remote work and thus control events in real time. As an additional option, costs and delivery notes can be added to each activity.

Additionally, the planner has the option of sending a reminder to both the client and the user so that tasks are not forgotten.


The planner and notification solution allows you to send automatic notifications to customers according to the booked events.

The notifications feature in the planner can be used to send a reminder to a customer. The notification can be sent by e-mail or SMS. SMS is the most convenient helper for sending reminders directly to phones. You can use this solution, for example, to inform of the arrival of goods or the completion of tasks.

Additionally, you can use the SMS solution effectively to achieve marketing goals.

  • Automatic notifications
  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • Reminders
  • Marketing
  • Additional activities

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