The property management solution available in NOOM allows you to keep records of residential and commercial premises and to manage reporting. Additionally, an overview of the distribution of income and costs and the current situation can be obtained.

An accountant can conveniently keep accounts per unit of real estate. The biggest difference from other property management software is its flexibility.

NOOM provides customers with the opportunity to have a say in development and set-up work. In this way, the customer obtains software based on their specific needs that can also be used to cover other business processes in the company, where necessary.


NOOM’s financial management software is the software with the widest range of functions for property management.


An accountant can keep records of the costs of different buildings belonging to one cooperative and issue utility bills at the click of a button.

In addition, there are SEPA imports (available with NOOM’s financial accounting) and the possibility to allocate costs at the apartment/building/cooperative level.

Automatic entries are made in the general ledger from rent-accounting data.


NOOM’s property management makes it possible to manage reports on residential and commercial premises and to obtain an overview of the distribution of expenses and of current conditions.


The software can be integrated with smart home solutions. With just a few keystrokes you can take meter readings from apartments in one building or an entire cooperative and import them into an Excel file.

We also set up the necessary calculation formulas according to the customer’s needs and wishes.


We approach every client personally and offer them a reliable service. Communication between us and the customer is quick and convenient.

Free customer support is available from 9AM – 5PM Monday – Friday (GMT+3 time).