Cloudics keskkonnateenused mobiili

Cloudics is now refilling waste transport vehicles

Since February, our Cloudics solution has been used in Eesti Keskkonnateenused AS (Estonian waste management services). Our solution enables vehicles of Eesti Keskkonnateenused to be refueled through our Cloudics mobile application. The fuel station operator manages and sees the operation of the fuel station in real time through a cloud-based back-office system.

According to Oleg Zukovets, the representative of Eesti Keskkonnateenused AS, the adaption of Cloudics was successful: “The Cloudics app is very intuitive and it is extremely easy to use, everyone has managed it so far without having to teach it separately! “

In addition, Cloudics’ solution is environmentally friendly, as paper receipts and plastic fuel cards are no longer required. The entire fuel station operates with minimal hardware. Eesti Keskkonnateenused AS receives a paperless, very accurate overview of how many different vehicles have driven and how many liters of fuel have been used.

Our Cloudics concept allows you to set up fuel stations with minimal time and cost. There is no need for a separate payment machine or control unit on site, as all payment operations are performed via a mobile and the petrol station is controlled through cloud server.

A big advantage of the solution is also starting the pump remotely, for example, if the driver does not use a smartphone, his presence can also be confirmed by a person in the office.

To start refueling, the driver must open the Cloudics app, enter the odometer reading, vehicle number and start refueling.