One Cloudics app, more than 170 refueling possibilities all over Estonia!

We have great news for all the users of Cloudics. Now it is possible to refuel fast and conveniently with our innovative mobile app in more than 170 fuel stations all over Estonia.

What is Cloudics app?

Cloudics is a new and innovative mobile payment solution that covers the whole Estonia. With Cloudics app you can pay for fuel in your smartphone.

You no longer need to turn to the checkout at the gas station, which saves you valuable time and lets you continue with your day.

In addition, there is no need to leave the car, use a self service register or even take your helmet off as a motorcyclist.

It is a fast, secure and eco-friendly payment method, because no paper receipts will be issued and no plastic cards will be used in the refueling process.

Rapidly expanding refueling network – more than 170% of growth within a couple of years

Cloudics mobile app reached the first users in the summer of 2020.

Terminal Oil was the first company who started using Cloudics app in their service stations that were located mainly in South Estonia, but very quickly expanded all over Estonia.

The last two years have played a big and important role in the expansion of Cloudics refueling network.

In cooperation with our partners we have been able to grow Cloudics network from 31 service stations to 174 covering the whole Estonia!

This means that in addition to Terminal Oil (31 service stations), Eesti Gaas (11 service stations), Jetoil (28 service stations) and Alexela (104 service stations) have also joined us.

Cloudics can be used for refueling in 174 fuel stations all over Estonia (incl. 104 Alexela stations)

How refueling with Cloudics works?

  1. Identify location. Open Cloudics app. Use positioning or scan QR-code to identify location.
  2. Choose payment method. Several different payment and discount cards can be added to the mobile application.
    NB! Alexela’s discount card can’t be used in Cloudics mobile application.
  3. Choose pump. Choosing the pump number is required to start refueling if the QR code is not scanned. When scanning the QR code, the pump number is automatically detected.
  4. Start fueling. You have 3 minutes to start fueling.
  5. View receipt. All receipts in one place. View, download or forward them by e-mail.

The benefits on using Cloudics mobile app:

  • – Suitable for both, private and business customers
  • – Possible to use bank cards or company-based payment cards for payment
  • – All the loyalty cards in one place
  • – Simple and understandable overview of the receipts and invoices
  • – Convenient contact-free payments
  • – Possible to refuel 24/7 with the app
  • – Available both on iOS and Android

Greener refueling with easy steps

By using Cloudics cardless payments and paper free receipts we help our planet and reduce the ecological footprint of fuel stations. When refueling with the mobile app, we remove plastic cards and paper receipts from the process and thus make the refueling process faster, cleaner and more eco-friendly than ever before. Customer-centric Cloudics payment solution means simple and intuitive user experience, securely protected card information and valuable time saved.

Download Cloudicsi mobile app

Regarding any questions contact our customer service:

+372 628 0000

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