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Astro Baltics product range includes several different self-service solutions for laundries, hotels and petrol stations. In addition, we offer various ticketing solutions and information kiosks. As retailers want to make their service processes more efficient, a large number of companies have found solutions in Astro Baltics’ various self-service solutions that help ensure fast, convenient and cost-effective customer service.


Self-service solutions are used primarily in the service sector, where customers need product availability 24/7. Such solutions are needed, for example, in petrol stations, laundries, hotels, cinemas, car parks and package delivery points.


Astro Baltics’ payment solution for self-service laundries includes a simple terminal with card payment capability, where it is possible to pay with both a physical and virtual payment card, as well as with a mobile phone. Depending on the automation of the laundry chosen by the operator, a token system can also be used, where the customer is issued the coins needed to use the laundry after payment. All the payment machines for self-service laundries manufactured by Astro Baltics also allow you to use the various functionalities of NOOM Business Software.

The following laundry systems are supported: Christ, EHRLE, Kärcher, Washtec etc.

Our solutions are in use: Jazz Pesulad, Linnapesulad


At the modern hotel you will find many different IT solutions to help you organize your day-to-day work. Many different software and hardware solutions are usually used for this purpose. However, the more different solutions there are, the higher the costs and inefficiencies associated with them. Also, there is no good overall picture of company’s activities.

Unlike its competitors, Astro Baltics offers a unique complete hotel solution in Estonia, which combines all the work processes of an accommodation into one whole with the help of smart software and modern hardware. The solution significantly increases the efficiency of the entire company’s work, while saving on development costs. The Astro Baltics hotel solution is ideal for hotels of all sizes and self-catering hotels.

Our self-service hotel solutions are used by: Reldor, Capsule Hostel, Saare Automaathostel, Just Rest Automaathostel.


Cloudics enables to control all the fuel station devices through cloud-based forecourt controller. The solution for fuel stations combines a software and hardware that can be operated from the cloud-based web manager. Customers can use Cloudics mobile application to pay for the fuel.

Devices from the following manufacturers are supported: Tokheim, Gilbarco, Wayne Dresser, ADAST, PIUSI etc.


At Astro Baltics, we produce both the kiosk body and the content ourselves, thus being the only provider in Estonia who can meet the customer’s special wishes in terms of both the kiosk’s appearance and content. With the kiosk, you can easily organize interactive campaigns and gather contacts from passers-by on a daily basis with minimal costs, thus significantly increasing the efficiency of sales work.

  • Opportunity to have a say in the appearance of the kiosk as well as the software
  • Content can be easily changed and updated remotely
  • Ability to provide customers with 24-hour service, while reducing labor costs
  • Can be installed both indoors and outdoors
  • The mobile information kiosk is an ideal companion for conferences


Astro Baltics has a long experience in building various self-service ticket vending machines. Self-service kiosks are ideal for various companies in the service sector that want to offer their customers fast and smooth customer service.

Some examples are hotels, petrol stations, cinemas, car parks, self-service parcel machines, automatic laundries, etc.

With a ticket sales solution, you simultaneously increase the visibility of your company and at the same time save on labor costs.

  • High quality 22″ horizontal touch screen with full HD quality
  • Possibility to add a 10 mm thick vandal-proof windshield
  • Unique, 3 mm thick steel body
  • Possibility to integrate different payment solutions
  • Possibility of cash payment
  • Receipt printer and special printer integration capability
  • 1-year warranty, which can be extended to 5 years
  • Windows 10, Apple OS, Linux, Android are supported
  • A standalone SiteKiosk software can be configured
  • The dimensions of the kiosk are adjustable, standard width 571 mm, height 1601 mm, depth 200 mm