Effective as of November, 29. 2019

Cloudics mobile application (“Cloudics”) is an application developed by Astro Baltics OÜ in order to provide a more comfortable fuelling experience. These Terms and Conditions apply to any person who has downloaded Cloudics software (“User”). Upon registration the User has to read and agree to these Terms, thus by using the application the User verifies that they have read and agree to these Terms.

  1. Description
    1. Cloudics allows the User to pay for fuelling in any of the petrol stations that use Cloudics software (“Merchant”).
    1. Possible payment methods that can be added to Cloudics include:
    2. Maestro, Mastercard,Visa/Visa Electron
    3. Customer card
    4. Monthly invoice
    5. The payment method used in a given station depends on the cooperation agreement between Cloudics and the Merchant associated with the station.
    6. Cloudics uses various methods to assert the User’s location, in order to verify that the User is located near an authorized pump. These methods include:
    7. Geolocation
    8. License plate recognition
    9. Scanning a QR-code
    10. Cloudics application allows the User to review their past transactions that were conducted using the Cloudics application.
  2. Requirements
    1. In order to use Cloudics, the User must download the application to a compatible smart device.
    2. Cloudics mobile application requires an active Internet connection.
    3. To use Cloudics the User has to create a user account, authenticating themselves via email.
    4. In addition, the User must add at least one valid payment method in order to be able to start a fuelling process.
    5. The availability of certain services provided by Cloudics can be dependent on your device, Internet connection and your Internet service provider.
    6. The User has to take measures, in order to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing Cloudics mobile application.
    7. The user has to keep Cloudics application up to date by downloading the latest releases from an appropriate channel.
  3. Service Termination
    1. The user retains the right to stop using Cloudics at any time by deleting the application from their smart device.
    2. If the User becomes aware of or suspects that an unauthorized person has access to their Cloudics user account, the User is obliged to delete their account or contact Astro Baltics OÜ for support at the earliest opportunity.
    3. Astro Baltics retains the right to terminate the User’s account given reasonable grounds to suspect the account has been misused or accessed by an unauthorized person.
    4. Upon deletion of the Cloudics application, the User will no longer be able to use the Cloudics application on their own smart device. If the User wishes to start using the Cloudics application again, they must download the Cloudics application again to their smart device.
  4. Liability
    1. The User is held legally accountable for any and all transactions and operations conducted through the Cloudics application and their consequences. Possible disputes with any third parties (incl. the Merchant, bank etc.) are solved by the User independently.
    2. Astro Baltics provides the Cloudics application as is and is not obligated to ensure the 24-hour error-free operation of the Cloudics application. Astro Baltics will not be liable for any damage that may result from the Cloudics application not functioning.
    3. Astro Baltics is not liable if Cloudics application malfunctions due alterations or complications in any third party services or terms.
    4. Astro Baltics is not liable for any consequences arising from account termination under any circumstances.
  5. Use of data
    1. Using Cloudics requires the processing of user data (including personal data such as name, email address etc.) and data generated by Cloudics (i.e. payment transaction data) by Astro Baltics and its transmission to the Merchants associated with Cloudics.
    2. The amount of personal data collected from the User depends on the requirements set by the Merchants. Cloudics only collects data that is required to ensure the proper functioning of services provided by third parties/Merchants, vital to the operation of Cloudics application.
    3. Data is collected to ensure the proper functioning of our services and enable future improvements. Astro Baltics can processes the data for the purpose of improving performance and user experience.
  6. Changing the Terms and Conditions
    1. Astro Baltics retains the right to change the Terms unilaterally at any time by notifying the User through the Cloudics website www.cloudics.eu and the Cloudics mobile application. The User shall be deemed to have been notified of the changes from the moment Astro Baltics has posted the change notice on their website and the Cloudics application. If the user does not agree to the changes, they have to cease the use of the Cloudics application. If the User continues to use Cloudics, they are deemed to have accepted given changes.
    2. Astro Baltics retains the right to terminate the Cloudics application service at any time with or without notice and will not be held liable to the User for any consequences caused by the inability to use the Cloudics application.
  7. Other terms
    1. In matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions, Astro Baltics and the User shall be governed by the law and the principles of good faith and general reasonableness.
    2. In addition to current terms and conditions can be station specific terms and conditions. Station terms and conditions will be announced at the first User fuelling activity.