PitStop mobile platform

Cloudics platform expands to the UK market in cooperation with Suresite

Tartu, Estonia and Preston, UK – Astro Baltics, a world leader in cross-business mobile payment and advanced forecourt control technology has entered into an agreement with Suresite, the UK’s leading provider of forecourt payment technology, to use Astro Baltics’ Cloudics mobile platform to power Suresite’s new PitStop mobile platform.

Platform based on Cloudics technology – PitStop

The mobile payment platform will leverage the power of the proven Cloudics technology, already in use in Europe and North America, in order to bring a modern, reliable mobile experience to UK fuel retail.

The Cloudics platform already allows customers to pay for fuel, shop, order food, charge electric vehicles, and much more. That same technology will be available to retailers via Suresite’s new Pitstop, due for release soon.

PitStop Suresite’s innovative payments technology to negate any prolonged holding of pre-authorised funds. The app aims to clear these funds in a timely manner – meaning prompt transactions and less inconvenience to customers.

Benefits for retailers and customers

Benefits for retailers include connection to bespoke loyalty programmes; creating a database of customers available to market offers and upsell. Customer spending habits can be more easily analysed, giving retailers an insight into spending peaks and troughs.

Retailers can also look to leverage the app to enable out of hours fuelling, maximising on daily profits and reducing staff hours. Opportunity for business growth is boosted, with each element of the app available to numerous forecourt commercial outlets.

Additionally, thanks to GPS technology, the customer will know where the nearest fuel retailer is and will be able to pay from within their car without the need for unsightly QR codes.

Collaboration between Cloudics and Suresite

“When looking to enhance our payments offering to our thousands of retail outlets, we knew we needed to look towards mobile technology,” said Nick Horne, Sales and Commercial Director, Suresite Group. “Astro Baltics Cloudics platform was ideally placed to provide the engine to our app by providing a modern, secure solution while future-proofing us by already being ready for EV and more. As we grow our offering within our Connex marketplace, we believe Pitstop will be a prime feature of our customer’s forecourts.”

“At Astro Baltics, we had already engaged with many UK retailers who were excited by our Cloudics platform, but we knew that to provide an ideal experience, we needed a trusted partner in the UK,” said Gary Szendzielarz, International Business Development Director, Astro Baltics. 

“Suresite’s name kept coming up time and again as a trusted partner to the UK’s biggest fuel retailers, already providing a range of high-quality services. Through our exclusive UK partnership, we will be able to grow our portfolio of services and provide UK retailers with the opportunity to give customers a better fuelling and retail experience.”

“Finding a partner in the UK was one thing, but finding one who wanted to perfect the payment experience for the customer was another,” said Taimar Kallari, CEO of Astro Baltics. “Through Suresite, we were able to ensure we had the right payment gateway and setup in place to ensure the perfect pay-at-pump experience for the end customer. We are excited to see this new relationship blossom.”

Next steps in the UK market

As part of this new partnership, Astro Baltics will also work with SureSite to introduce their new eOPT device to the UK market. Designed to address the issue of card payment at the EV charger, the eOPT will be a low-cost device which can control up to ten charge-points from a single payment terminal, reducing the investment cost for charge-point operators. 

SureSite will showcase the new PitStop app at APEA Live in Milton Keynes on the 16th of November. Make sure to stop by the stand to see it in action.


Established in 1994, Suresite Group provides a range of business-critical operational services for Fuel and Convenience Retailers. Suresite market leading Payment and data solutions, Wetstock management, Training and Health & Safety compliance help over 3,000 stores across the UK run businesses more effectively.

Suresite Group customers and partners include Barclays, Finaro, Worldpay, Timico, Feefo, American Express, Sponge, Greenergy, Cost Cutter, Jet, and others.

Astro Baltics & Cloudics

Astro Baltics has served the fuel and convenience industry for over 25 years, providing retailers with cutting-edge IT solutions. In 2018, Cloudics was unveiled to the public, offering an industry-leading mobile payment platform and the world’s first fully functioning cloud-based forecourt controller capable of communicating with legacy pumps.

Since then, Cloudics has been installed in numerous countries worldwide, including Canada, Austria, Estonia and Georgia.

Cloudics continues to grow from strength to strength, today opening doors to unmanned convenience stores, turning legacy devices into IoT devices, managing EV charge-points and providing the engine which drives customer engagement at the mobile device for any retail environment.

For more information, visit: www.cloudics.com or www.suresite.co.uk

The PitStop app will soon be available on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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