Ettevõtete digipöörde toetus kuni 300 000€. Photo: toolbox.estonia.ee
Foto: toolbox.estonia.ee

Digital transformation grant up to 300,000€

Companies can apply for the digital transformation grant from the Enterprise Development Foundation (EAS), which aims to support automation and the introduction of digital technologies and robots. The grant is up to 300,000€, and self-financing is up to 50%.

Who can apply for the grant?

The digital transformation grant is intended for a private legal entity registered in the Estonian business register. According to the annual reports submitted to the business register, the applicant’s main field of activity in Estonia must have had an average sales revenue of at least 200,000 euros for the two financial years preceding the submission of the application.

All terms and conditions can be found on the EAS website.

What is the grant for?

Supported activities are:

  1. Acquiring tangible assets that can be integrated with software systems, machine learning, or vision systems necessary for automation.
  2. The development and implementation of intangible assets and digital technologies, as well as the cost of contract research and know-how purchased or licensed from external sources on market terms and patents.
  3. Organising the necessary training for developing and implementing digital technologies, robots and automation for your employees.
  4. Consulting services for the purchase, development and implementation of digital technologies and robots and automation.
  5. Remuneration for employees involved in developing and implementing digital technologies, robots, and automation and for persons operating under a debt law contract.

Astro Baltics and digitalisation

Astro Baltics has extensive experience in various digitalisation-related projects. Our main activities are analysing and mapping business processes and developing a suitable management model. In addition, we implement software solutions according to processes and documentation. We also offer business process audits, mapping, finding the exact cost of finished products, and much more. You can read more about the digitalisation roadmap here.

Our NOOM financial software users get a real-time overview of orders, deadlines, materials, costs, and resources in progress. This information allows them to analyse the company’s efficiency and increase profitability.

Regarding any questions contact us:

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