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Green transformation: grant for changing the business model

The need for companies to act more environmentally friendly is increasingly on the agenda. However, going green and changing your business model requires expenses.

To help move towards sustainability, EAS offers production companies a grant of up to 50% of the total cost of the green transformation. The green audit grant is up to €10,000, and the implementation of the roadmap up to €200,000.

Why start a green transformation?

Stepping into green transformation may seem like something you don’t have to worry about now. This entails restructuring and investments for the company, and it seems more convenient to continue operating similarly.

However, the fact is that skipping the changes or delaying them is even more costly for the company in the long run.

The green transformation has several advantages for the company:

  • Solves the problems of low resource efficiency and productivity
  • The health and productivity of employees improves
  • Reduces the energy consumption and utility costs
  • Low-carbon manufacturing companies gain a competitive advantage
  • Creates prerequisites for entering new markets

Read more about green policy and transformation on the Government of the Republic of Estonia’s website.

EAS green transformation grant – changing the business model of a production company

The EAS green transformation grant helps to facilitate a manufacturing company’s “greening” of its business model.

Almost all industrial enterprises registered in the Estonian business register can apply for the grant.

The grant’s purpose is to enable the industrial entrepreneur to use an external consultant to map the company’s current green capabilities and find and implement effective ways to ensure production continuity and sustainable development.

The maximum support for the green audit is up to €10,000, and for implementing the roadmap development, up to €200,000.

You can read more about the EAS green transformation grant here.

Step 1: green audit, i.e. green capability mapping

The entrepreneur engages an external advisor, who draws up a roadmap, which assesses the organization’s green capability, makes sense of the circularity of business operations, and focuses on bottlenecks, possible solutions, the time horizon, the estimated solution costs, and the impact on economic results. Development priorities for two years are set, which the company can begin to implement in the second stage of the support.

Step 2: implementation of development activities brought out in the roadmap

The entrepreneur continues to achieve the development goals revealed in the roadmap. If necessary, an external advisor is involved. At least one main activity from the roadmap is described and implemented during the project, such as product or process development. The grant can also be used to train the company’s employees on environmental and climate-related topics. The project creates prerequisites for new business opportunities and influences the entrepreneur’s business model as a result.

Astro Baltics will help you with green audit and implementation of development activities

Our company considers it extremely important to operate in an environmentally friendly manner and strive for a greener future.

We own the environmental management ISO 14001 certificate for controlling and reducing the environmental impact of the organisation’s activities, products, and services.

Astro Baltics‘ long-term experience and cooperation with EAS allow us to prepare a green audit roadmap for your company. In it, we analyse your company’s current business processes and green capabilities and establish development priorities.

What is the green audit roadmap?

  • Assessing the company’s green capability
  • Pointing out bottlenecks
  • Offering possible solutions
  • Creating a potential timeline
  • Evaluating the cost of the solutions
  • Analysing the impact of solutions on economic results
  • Setting two-year development goals

After creating a green audit roadmap, the company can continue to achieve its development goals. The project has increased the company’s green awareness and created prerequisites for entering new markets.

You can familiarise yourself with the expected stages of the project on the EAS website.

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