Is it still safe to refuel?

Is it still safe to refuel?

Governments are making new restrictions to keep people to stay at home, but vital services will still be running and closing fuel service stations is not a solution! To avoid lockdown we need to learn how to live with the pandemic and adapt new safe solutions in every aspect of life.

People still want to move around safely and it can be done with their vehicle which is just as secure as a house. People can use their cars as personal protective equipment.

The question is: Is it still safe to refuel?

The answer unfortunately is no.

The problem is that the overall fuelling process and especially payment process cannot be considered safe. Even if you can pay next to the dispenser, there are still too many touching points that could spread the virus – pin-pads, fuel nozzles and other contacts.

What would be the solution?

The solution is to use contactless mobile payments, which allow securely pay for fuel inside of a vehicle.

For example our Cloudics solution for fuel service stations enables to pay for fuel inside of a vehicle with the Cloudics mobile application.

It is not only the safest way to pay for fuel, it is also the most convenient and it is already used in different stations in Europe. Installing Cloudics to your existing payment system takes only a few days and your customers still have the opportunity to pay with cash or card.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

The customer has to download the Cloudics application from Google Play, App Store or Huawei AppGallery.

After downloading and installing the application the customer needs to register as a user where he/she can add loyalty and credit cards to a virtual wallet. All the information is stored securely in the application.

There are three different identification methods: turning on location services and the app uses geofence to know in which station you currently are, QR-code scanning from the dispenser (where it is allowed) and License plate recognition (LPR camera needed).  

After identification the customer chooses which credit card will be used and inserts a 4-digit pin code. Face-id or fingerprint reader can be used.

After this the payment process is finished. The next step is to choose the correct pump number from the application.

The command is sent directly to the right pump. Customer or a pump attendant has 3 minutes to start refilling.

When the nozzle is placed back, the receipt will pop-up automatically in the app. Receipts can be downloaded or sent by e-mail.


See all your previous transactions

All your previous transactions can be seen in the Cloudics application.

Next generation energy-buying landscape

Cloudics application is not only for refuelling.

Cloudics is specially developed for fuel service stations and for stations with shops we have developed in-shop scanning and pre-order functionalities.

Which means that going to the fuel station, paying for fuel and goods is sorted with your mobile only. No contact in fuelling, shopping or pre-order, it is the safest it can be.


Learn more about Cloudics commerce solutions here.

Post-pandemic work world

The new post-pandemic world will be different than it used to be but on the bright side it will be more digital and technological.

As the overall fuel retail sector is changing, the question will remain which path your company is choosing? Is it the traditional station which lacks from innovation or a newer technological concept which attracts also a new generation of customers?

Ask the younger generation how much they are doing payments with cash or a physical credit card? Most of them are using different mobile wallets which has placed their credit cards in their smartphones.

Already proven to be safe and running!

Our solution is already used in different fuel stations in Europe.

It is ready to go and can be adapted within a few days!

This way fuel station owners can have their own mobile payment application without developing it by themselves.

An app developing is very expensive and choosing already working app could save your company 300 000€. Our mobile payment application is also available as a white-label.

Cloudics can be adapted to your current payment and IT-solutions

This means that your existing systems will work as before, but extra mobile payment as an alternative is added.

Regarding any questions about Cloudics dont hesitate to contact our representative Priit Pint on LinkedIn or contact us via e-mail or phone:

+372 628 0000

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