Cloudics mobile payment solution can benefit a company as well

Cloudics mobile payment solution’s benefits for a company

Cloudics is a management and payment solution for filling stations and a partner solution for merchants, which helps a company to get closer to its customers. The software is created for more convenient, fast and eco-friendly management of customers, payments and business processes. For end users we have created Cloudics mobile application, which functions include starting fueling from a smartphone, scanning products in a store i.e. smart shopping and pre-ordering products.

Cloudics mobile payment solution is a smart way to reach company’s technology aware customers and to offer them extra options and convenience.

Here are 4 important points of how a company can benefit from the solution.

🔹 Higher probability of transactions and more customers

Sometimes may happen that a customer forgets his or her payment or loyalty card at home, but may still have their phone with them. Cloudics mobile application keeps all the necessary cards in one place, so the customer does not need to cancel the purchase or make a transaction without loyalty card discounts. The solution helps to avoid a negative emotion in the customer, which without the mobile payment solution would have arisen. Paying with mobile is also many times faster, which means serving more customers in the same time frame and thereby increasing turnover.

🔹 More loyal customers

Mobile payment solution offers innovative extra value and can therefore increase customer loyalty to your brand. The convenient and gripping solution in a smartphone can be an effective factor that directs a customer to make repurchases. In addition, Cloudics allows a company to set personal discounts to the users and send them notifications of the ongoing campaigns, thereby strenghtening customer loyalty.

🔹 Savings from hardware and employee costs

Cloudics is the next step from self-service checkout. The more end customers start using Cloudics mobile payment solution, the less payment terminals and other payment solutions you need. This means less hardware installation, integration and maintenance costs. The solution also allows customers to pay without turning to the checkout. As a result, checkout queues are reduced and employees can focus on store maintenance and better customer service. Also, fewer people can be at work at the same time.

🔹 Sustainability and better image

With Cloudics mobile payment solution no plastic cards or paper receipts will be needed. Instead, all the receipts will be stored in the mobile app and this reduces the need to use paper. The company, in turn, can adopt more environmentally friendly business practices and thereby improve its image with sustainable principles. With sustainable behaviour the company shows that it cares about the environment, its customers and also operating long-term, thus increasing customers’ confidence.

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