Ettevõtete digipöörde toetus kuni 300 000€. Photo: toolbox.estonia

Digital transformation grant up to 300,000€

Companies can apply for the digital transformation grant from the Enterprise Development Foundation (EAS), which aims to support automation and the introduction of digital technologies and robots. The grant is up to 300,000€, and self-financing is up to 50%.

EAS supports creating a digitalisation roadmap with up to 10,000€

Companies can apply for the Enterprise Estonia (EAS) digitalisation roadmap grant, which helps map the company’s development opportunities through the efficiency, digitalisation, and automation of production management processes. The grant of up to 10,000€ involves experienced advisors and experts outside the company.

PitStop mobile platform

Cloudics platform expands to the UK market in cooperation with Suresite

Astro Baltics, a world leader in cross-business mobile payment and advanced forecourt control technology has entered into an agreement Suresite, the UK’s leading provider of forecourt payment technology, to use Astro Baltic’s Cloudics mobile platform to power Suresite’s new PitStop platform.


Collective leave in Astro Baltics – July 2023

Based on previous experience, we know the demand for our services is minimal in July. According to this, the AB team will be on vacation from July 17th to August 6th 2023. During the collective vacation period, a small on-call team will continue to serve our clients, focusing on meeting contractual clients’ needs.


EAS supports improving the cybersecurity of companies

Cybersecurity is essential for companies to protect business-critical systems and confidential information. EAS supports the mapping and improvement of small and medium-sized companies’ cybersecurity levels with 50% self-financing up to €60,000.

Green transformation: grant for changing the business model

The need for companies to act more environmentally friendly is increasingly on the agenda. However, going green and changing your business model requires expenses. To help move towards sustainability, EAS offers production companies a grant of up to 50% of the total cost of the green transformation.

Muudatus: maksuvaba tulu vanaduspensionieas

Change in basic exemption at retirement age

From 1 January 2023, a separate basic exemption will apply to people who have reached retirement age, meaning that the average pension is exempt from income tax.

Astro Baltics is going on a collective holiday!

Astro Baltics is going on a collective holiday!

Astro Baltics is going on a collective holiday! Dear customers and partners! This year, the Astro Baltics team will have a collective holiday from 18.07.22 to 07.08.22. Our team wishes you a beautiful summer!

ReFuelForum Europe 2022

Cloudics is going to ReFuelForum Europe 2022

Cloudics’ team is on their way to Lisbon, Portugal for a networking event ReFuelForum Europe 2022. The event connects leading fuel retailers across Europe with a wide range of product and solution providers.

Astro Baltics OÜ price list changes

On 01.05.2022, changes will take place on Astro Baltics OÜ price list. Changes are going to affect services and service packages.