Cloudics white-label platform Rezzo in partnership with RL Energies, launches in the Canadian EV market

A 12-month journey of hard work has paid off, and 20 EV chargers across RL Energies and Belzile energy stations have been set up, with 10 of them being ultra-fast (160kW) and other 10 fast 50kW charging points.

Astro Baltics & Cloudics are proud new members of the IFSF

Astro Baltics and Cloudics are happy to announce that we have joined International Forecourt Standards Forum. It is an international community dedicated to enabling technology standards to benefit automotive fuel and energy retailers.

Cloudics officially establishes presence in Canada!

Cloudics’ team is happy to announce that our platform is now used in Canada! Cloudics white-label Rezzo is running on Cloudics software and the first Canadian company to use it in their stations is RL Énergies.

We are attending AERO EXPO 2022

We are ready to take off together with the aviation industry. Our Cloudics solution will be introduced at the AERO expo 2022, taking place in Friedrichshafen, Germany. We have partnered with eN-TANK for the upcoming expo, which offers aviation fuel tanks.

Cloudics is attending ReFuelForum Mena 2022

Cloudics will be attending ReFuelForum MENA 2022

We will be introducing our Cloudics energy station management system, opportunities for car washes and customer-centric shopping solutions at ReFuelForum MENA 2022.

Cloudics mobile payment solution can benefit a company as well

Cloudics mobile payment solution’s benefits for a company

Cloudics mobile payment solution is a smart way to reach company’s technology aware customers and to offer them extra options and convenience. Here are 4 important points of how a company can benefit from the solution.


Estonian forecourt tech company shakes the future of fuel stations

The Estonian ambitious IT sector dares to create innovative e-services that change and help the world during COVID-19 crisis. Astro Baltics saw the opportunity to make revolution in fuel retail sector by offering a safe payment and management system for fuel stations.


Is it still safe to refuel?

Governments are making new restrictions to keep people to stay at home, but vital services will still be running and closing fuel service stations is not a solution! To avoid lockdown we need to learn how to live with the pandemic and adapt new safe solutions in every aspect of life.


New fuel station technologies from European Silicon Valley

The reason we are offering cloud-based fuel station technologies is because we can see that it is much easier to manage, update, the price is 10x cheaper and it erases most of the problems that were related to hardware.

Cloudics mobile payment app views

The future of mobile payment systems

Research shows that cashless payments are already dominating the fuel retail industry and pay-at-the-pump option is the preferred payment method in the Europe and the US.